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OnTheWebHosting is a private and unique web host business. We are based on the cottage industry with our server support staff, customer service, web designers, and programmers, all working from home offices. To work as part of our OnTheWebHosting team you must have an entrepreneurial spirit! Micromanagement is considered a good thing here, encouraged, rewarded and embraced. With that you can enjoy the benefits of a high standard for the daily work ethic, and excellent customer service and support.

Work with people that make technology and the Internet work for them on daily basis.OnTheWebHosting, strives to be different. We need to, in order to justify you wanting to work with us.

Every one of us that works as part of the team here has worked for other companies (some still do and work with us part-time). Often, while working for someone else, we harbored the knowledge that we could be better and could do better. Here at OnTheWebHosting, ideas are put on the table, shared, encouraged to grow, and expand. All for your benefit. Think inside or think outside the box, it does not matter to us, as long as our team members think! We want to be better and do better, and because of that, you, our customer will enjoy excellent service and support.

Nora Tarr, founder of OnTheWebHosting says:

It is not so much thinking that other businesses do things wrong, it is just that we really want to do it right. I am proudly a micromanager, so ultimately if the wrong decision is made, it falls on my desk. I am delighted to say the team here makes sure that does not happen. When we consult with every new customer, the first thing they often say is... "I had this other company handling my site, but..."

I am proud to say that we specialize in picking up that ball they dropped.

Each member of technical support, web design, customer service and sales, are all like-minded. We all work together to provide the best experience in web hosting. That is why we are unique. We want to be your host provider, your private web hosting company. The focus will always be on you and your business, so that we can be better and we can do better. Allow us that opportunity.

OnTheWebHosting is part of NTarr & Associates, please visit us at: NTarr.com

Email or call us at 617-775-0868 and we can discuss your expectations and map out a plan of action. Whether your site is for a novice startup, or a more complex mid-size business, we will do our best to provide you with the best in service.

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