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Fair Pricing & Fair Policies

Who Are We?

OnTheWebHosting is a private and unique web host business. We have made a concerted effort to just do things differently.

Not one "order now" button or link:
Simply put, we work with clients that we can provide excellent service to. This means our goal is not to just "get the sale", it is to achieve our goal of building a long term business relationship with you. Success comes when we routinely exceed in providing you long-term satisfaction. This is specifically why we consult with you before you signup with our hosting service.

No set prices or set up fees:
We do not charge flat rates for hosting accounts or try to squeeze you into a package that might not be just right for you. Each client has a unique business and as such has a customized account. Pricing is determined by the size and complexity of your web site and your needs for updates to your web site. After we assess this, including whether you need any advanced programming, shopping carts, etc., then we can provide you with a monthly rate. Note: Clients generally pay from $4.95 to $12.00 monthly, based on the services they want, along with the frequency and complexity of updates to their site.

On setup fees, simply put: if you are going to do business with us, we think it is only fair we assume the cost of setting up your account. Charging a client a setup fee seems about the same as charging extra for forks and knives at a restaurant. We are grateful for your business and will treat you that way. We do not charge you extra for the privilege of doing business with us.

Service-based not Server-based:
Some web hosting companies charge a package price - whether or not you use even 1% of your package allotment. We are unique in that we will review your account with us routinely, and we will advise you if you are only using a portion of what you are paying for. Most individuals and businesses tend to overpay for hosting services, and generally it seems that their hosting providers do not feel it is a good idea to tell a customer they are spending too much money. Remember, web hosting is just like renting office space. Just be sure you pay only for that one room office you rented, and not an entire suite that stays empty. We will have you start out small, and add on as you need to. Fair is fair, and OnTheWebHosting always has that first and foremost in mind, that way you get a real value out of the fees you pay and we get to stay in business - with you as our valued customer.

Each package custom designed:
Each package is custom designed. You will never feel like we are squeezing you into someone else's package. You tell us what you will need, and we will provide that for you. If you only need a one page web site (like a simple brochure to advertise your business), do not pay for more than you need. If you need a larger, more complex site and other features we can accommodate that for you as well. Your hosting package comes inclusive with designer templates available to get you started quickly, including a SiteBuilder to create your own site right online, or simpler more streamlined templates. Whatever you decide, we can assist you in securing the site you are planning.

For those of you not sure what you need, we can evaluate your current site and determine the best package for you. Need even more than that? Need a web site built for you? We can arrange for you to select from qualified web designers who can put together a site you will be pleased to use to represent you or your business on the Internet.

We believe in Show & Tell:
Most of our clients are a direct result of word-of-mouth and referrals from our satisfied clients. When you begin working with us you will be pleasantly surprised, that there are no upfront charges to you. We will charge you when we purchase your domain name for you (which you will own), and we only charge you the price of the domain (not an extra service charge or other fee). We will charge you for your hosting when we set up your domain on our servers (again, no setup fees). Finally, if we are designing your web site for you, we will charge you for your web site when it is done (no deposits are required). All along the way, you will be able to see what it is you are paying for, as you are charged for it. The only surprises you will get with us will be pleasant ones, and we always put forth our best effort to consistently deliver.

Support and Customer Service - we include it:
We provide a proven track record of superior customer service and support. There is no extra fee or charge for it, since you host with us, we support you. Again, because we have consulted with you, we know what to expect with your web site. You will know at the start how situations will be handled as they come up. We are proactive and preemptive by nature, and you get to enjoy the benefits of that work ethic.

Work with people who make technology work for them:
You may have heard of the so-called cottage industry where it has been forecasted that many workers would be working from offices in their home instead of commuting to an office over an hour away. The reality is that this cottage industry does exist, and so do successful home-based businesses. Those of us who work together here at OnTheWebHosting are all people that work from home-based offices, where we can balance family and work. The good news to our clients: we are never stuck in traffic. Our servers are physically located in Texas, and backup servers are located here in Massachusetts. Technology is supposed to improve the quality of our work and our lives; we are prime examples of exactly how that can work.

E-Mail Us or call us at (617) 775-0868 (United States) and we can discuss your expectations and map out a plan of action. Whether your site is for a novice startup, or a more complex mid-size business, we will do our best to provide you with the best in service. We look forward to hearing from you!

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